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Men's Slim Fit Jeans


The fit of the denim you buy determines how they will feel on your body. How you feel determines how you will look. Let’s face it how you look in your jeans is what denim is all about. When you go to buy a pair of men’s slim fit jeans it is important they are slim fit not skinny jeans. Skinny jeans might as well be jeggings and jeggings don’t look good on any man.

When you are buying slim fit jeans the fit is very important. Slim fit jeans should gently hug the thighs, knees and calves. They should loosen up around your ankles. This fit is the difference between a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of slim fit jeans because skinny jeans stay tight at the ankle.

The details of your slim fit jeans are very important. For instance, a zip closure is both easier to use and more stylish than a button fly. The pockets are also important. Pockets with branding are okay, but you want the branding to be simple. It shouldn’t take up to whole pocket. Simpler is always better.

The stitching to the jeans is also soothing to consider. Some jeans are made with stitching that is a contrasting color to the denim color, while others use the same color to blend in. This is totally a matter of preference. Your individual preference also comes into play when you are choosing the wash of your jeans. Darker washes are more dressy, while lighter faded washes are more casual.